Success in Bulawayo

Posted by on July 17, 2012 in Projects


A team of 13 Operation Florian team members has just completed Phase 2 Mission in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

The team delivered training and fire safety advice to over 80 students per day from the Bulawayo Fire and Ambulance Service, and others throughout Zimbabwe. It was the first time such a wide spread of firefighters had received Operation Florian training, and included members from Gwanda, Whange, Gweru, Plumtree and Victoria Falls. We even trained up a member of the Zimbabwe Army and an Officer from the Civil Aviation Authority.

We also donated 2 Volvo fire engines, and a 20ft container of equipment, and now the people of Zimbabwe are more safe from fire than they were before.

We’d like to thank the following people who made this mission possible:
• Aberdeen City Council
• City of Bulawayo
• University of Central Lancashire
• Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service
• East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service who donated two Fire Appliances and

Phase 3 has been provisionally scheduled for next March 2013, and we hope to expand our training and provision of fire safety equipment further across Zimbabwe.

The Zimbabwe Phase 2 team was:
Anthony Burscough – Project Manager Michael Doherty – Chairman, Operation Florian
Shephard Ndlovu, Clare Burscough, Colin Devine, Michael MacDonald, Ronald Simpson, Stewart Gibb, Luke Bendyk, Jack Dubbey