Operation Florian succeeds in delivering first ever joint training programme between fire, police and OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAambulance services in Macedonia

The Operation Florian project team have been working in partnership with police, fire and ambulance service first responders to successfully complete the first ever joint emergency service inter-operability training (JESIP) programme here in Macedonia.

Project Manager Steve Jordan said “The purpose of the project was to introduce blue light services here in Macedonia to the UK JESIP model, to improve initial command, control and coordination of activities for front line responders when arriving on scene at an emergency incident.”

The workshops were based on the joint emergency service response to road traffic collisions as it is acknowledged there are a highOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA rate of fatalities annually. Such a project reflects Operation Florian’s and Macedonia’s commitment to the UN Decade of Action and Pillar 5 ‘Post crash response’.

Volunteers from Operation Florian, supported by a paramedic from the UK North West Ambulance service and a former UK Police Officer from the OSCE, delivered three JESIP workshops in Valandovo, Tetovo and Skopje.  Each workshop was delivered in a day to police, fire and ambulance personnel and focused on the practical aspects of the JESIP model.

Training was provided around the five guiding principles of JESIP, co-location, communication, co-ordination, understanding risk and shared situational awareness.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

And also introduced the joint decision making model to all on scene commanders, thus helping them to bring together all the available information, agree upon operational objectives and make timely and effective command decisions.

A systematic approach to evaluate the impact of the workshops on the attendees was used each day to establish what was being learnt and the effect on the approach of the commanders to how they managed an incident,   Not only was this clearly demonstrated by the evaluation, but it was confirmed the day after the Valadovo exercise when a road traffic collision occurred involving a lorry and the driver was rescued in a multi-agency response.  It was acknowledged by police, ambulance and fire officers who attended the incident that the lessons learned the previous day had been applied to save the life ofOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA the driver and bring about a successful conclusion to the incident.

Steve Jordan went on to say “Improvements were clearly observed by the UK instructors throughout the training workshops, and I know that this approach will lead to much more effective and potentially life saving response here in Macedonia.  Operation Florian is pleased to have been associated with this initiative and is grateful for the assistance provided by the relevant ministries, state and other institutions who all worked together in a mutually supportive way to deliver this a highly successful outcome.