Harare, Zimbabwe

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Phase 1

In September 2014, a team of 6 Operation Florian members set off on a mission for Harare, Zimbabwe. The Phase 1 Mission in Harare was the result of the successful partnership with City of Bulawayo which had started with the first project in 2011. The Harare project was seen as a natural continuation of the charity’s activities in Zimbabwe presenting an opportunity to increase partnerships with the fire service to deliver an effective service to the largest community in the country.Team pic

The project further enhanced by the elements of support from Cleveland Fire Brigade supporting their personnel and encouraging the relationship that already exists between Operation Florian, Cleveland Fire Brigade and Harare Fire Brigade.

 The aim of the partnership with the international humanitarian charity and Cleveland Fire Brigade is to help provide fire equipment and training to the Harare Fire and Ambulance Service who have limited funding for equipment and as a result often turn up to incidents with inadequate equipment to deal with the situation. is committed to work in partnership with Operation Florian to  help make a real difference to both the Harare Fire and Ambulance Service and the local community. This new five year partnership shows our commitment to the charity and also offers great opportunities to Harare Fire and Ambulance Service in terms of equipment and training. The demonstration of the model within this project will Op Flo team pichopefully show that commitment from the partnership will give confidence to others within Zimbabwe what can be achieved.  To carry out this training required a team of 6 Operation Florian members.

The training course commenced on the 15th September, it was based at Harare Central Fire Station, which also houses the Service Headquarters. The intensive two week training programme covered the following courses; breathing apparatus and road traffic collision rescue training.

At the end of programme an official passing out parade and handover ceremony took place at Harare Central Fire Station, HQ. The event was hosted by Harare City Council and the Mayor, a number of the City Councillors, Heads of departments, and VIP’s attended the function along with RTC Equipmentmembers of commerce, industry and the media.  Clearly indicated by the content of the speeches there was also genuine willingness and hope that this relationship with Operation Florian would continue and there would be a Phase 2 mission in 2015. This next mission would possibly include courses, such as, Community Fire Safety, Incident Command, Technical Fire Safety, Breathing Apparatus, Road Traffic Collision etc. The number of agreed courses would dictate the size of the Operation Florian team.




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