Republic of Macedonia

Since 2007 Operation Florian has been actively engaged in supporting the capacity building of the local and national fire and rescue service supporting key elements of the national platform for disaster risk reduction.

Working partnership with local and national stakeholders to enhance preparedness and response for the fire and rescue service as an essential emergency responder and service for the community. A key facet has involved the donation of fire appliances and specialist equipment to improve existing resource or introduce and improve a resilience not previously present. Delivering training to firefighters in key technical areas to improve the safe working environment and improve the operational effectiveness of all firefighters has been an essential accompanying element.

A further element within the project objectives has been to assist with the development of prevention strategies encouraging fire service personnel to design and deliver community focused and participatory safety programmes. Thus seeking to reduce community vulnerabilities and risks to fire and other disasters.

Achieved so far:

• Donated 17 fully equipped fire appliances, 300 breathing apparatus sets, 30 sets of hydraulic rescue equipment and hundreds of sets of PPE,

• Assisted over 25 municipalities enhancing fire and rescue response capacities,

• Trained over 200 firefighters in effective firefighting and rescue techniques including pump and ladders, emergency fire appliance driving, breathing apparatus, road traffic collision rescue and first aid,

• Working in partnership with national stakeholders such as ZELS (Local Self Government Units) and the Directorate of Protection and Rescue advising on improved consultation of fire service issues and guiding national strategies for preparedness

• Delivering workshops on community safety strategies with fire service personnel and developing school education programmes

• Working in partnership with the Macedonian Red Cross to develop first aid / basic life saving skills training packages and instructor training,

• Donated 2 inshore water rescue boats and outboard motors to the Ohrid Red Cross branch

Future project intentions

• Deliver MK2UK training exchange programme bringing 60 firefighters to the UK to receive specialist firefighting and rescue instructor training and Urban Search and Rescue technician training

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