Volunteering & fundraising

Members and volunteers undertake many different tasks and you can be involved as much or as little as you wish.

In common with all charities, Florian relies on generating the funds in order to complete it’s main purpose. It costs around £8,000 to send an equipped appliance to the Balkans. These costs cover the purchase of the vehicle and equipment, insurance for the journey, any restoration work required, mechanical checks and new oils etc, the fuel required, ferry crossings, accommodation en route, tolls and permits as well as training the recipients and then repatriation of the delivery team.


Fundraising can be anything from raffles and local events, such as dances and discos to the more ambitious lotteries or draws. In the past we have had some members who organised a Boxing dinner, and others who designed and built a ducking stool, great fun at local fairs and shows. Others collect funds at local supermarkets with the permission of the managers of course!

All funds are important so it doesn’t matter how much, it is the effort that counts.

We are also looking for the larger donations from business or from grant applications as well as carrying out jointly funded projects with donors such as the UK Government.

Also, please check out our events calendar, as we have lots going on throughout the year which you may wish to take part in.

If you just wish to fundraise, Operation Florian will welcome you.

Undertake missions in UK

We often need people who can be flexible with their time, organise collections of fire appliances and equipment locally to them. The volunteers will then deliver them either to a central location or to a motor engineers to be prepared for delivery abroad. We also collect other equipment and goods if we enter into a partnership with another charity as part of a project.

Florian will pay expenses that you incur, with your project managers approval, during this exercise.

Undertake missions abroad

This is the Florian raison d’etre and provides great opportunity for anyone who is interested to learn a little about themselves and the needs of the local people whilst carrying out an important role. These missions, can vary in length from a simple delivery of a few days, to a prolonged deployment or secondment. In all cases, whenever, we deliver an appliance and equipment, we will provide training on the equipment and techniques. We also provide training and support on a full range of activities designed to ensure the sustainability of the donation, such as engineers to maintain the appliance and equipment.

Operation Florian repays expenses incurred in getting to the agreed embarkation point and will provide accommodation and repatriation. Individuals, give up their time and on occasions get released by their employers who see the potential development opportunity in such a secondment. Florian will write to the employers and seek such a secondment but do not guarantee a release. Where possible, subject to funds allowing, Florian will provide financial assistance to employers to help cover any reasonable staffing shortfall.

Florian will also endeavour to ensure that an individual is protected should they suffer any accident or loss whilst carrying out a role for the charity. This is, of course, dependent on the area where we are delivering the assistance and each member should discuss their needs with the project manager before deployment.

Serve as an official

Each year at the AGM we appoint members of the Board, who will fulfil the work of managing the charity and its activities for the following period. All posts are open to any member subject to being nominated and seconded; all elections are by vote at the AGM. In any case, trustees/directors, on a rotation basis must stand down and offer themselves for re-election, if they wish, after serving for a three year term of office.

We are also always looking for people who want to act as project managers or mission captains. If you are interested and willing to serve in an official capacity please discuss with the Administrator who will advise how to go about it and what background information you may wish to consider first.

So now I’m interested, what do I do?

Please email the Administrator or the Membership Representative, details of both you will find on our contacts page and request an application form. Once the completed form is sent back with a passport sized photograph an identity card will be issued.

Your details will be held on database and will only be used for Operation Florian purposes and will not be shared with any other person or organisation without your expressed permission. We will use it to assist put a team together relevant to the planned activity.