Corporate Support

Operation Florian is an international humanitarian charity providing fire engines, equipment and training to the world’s poorest regions who lose millions of lives every year to fires and disasters.

Why Support Us

By supporting our charity will have a positive effect on your business. Linking with our charity could give your business international exposure as our project continue to develop around the world.

Association with our charity could enhance your brand, not only in the UK but worldwide which could help your company achieve differentiation and individualisation in an already popular market place.

Operation Florian works closely with Fire and Rescue Services, Brigades and the fire service communities, both in the UK and internationally, which could help with your brand awareness, networking opportunities – worldwide.

Business Enhancement Opportunities

Your business may face many marketing challenges, but Operation Florian can help deliver and identify business benefits, when supporting our charity. These are:

Sponsorship – Raise your brand and product awareness, worldwide by sponsoring a variety of resources that could include an appliance, literature or one of our networking events – such as golf, challenge events or our awards.

Cause Related Marketing – Pledge an amount of money to save lives internationally, can prove to increase customers and their loyalty.

Affinity Marketing – Using our worldwide database can help in developing new channels for marketing opportunities.

Licensing – By using our logo and strong charity brand can help with the promotion of your business brand.

Employee Fundraising – Your Company and employees can help fundraise on the charities behalf through your own ideas and initiatives or by taking part in one of our events. This will help create positive PR worldwide amongst your employees, customers and the community in which you operate.

Corporate Donations – Operation Florian, welcomes interest in funding and donations of our international projects and can work with your company to maximise marketing opportunities.

Charity of the Year – By entering an exclusive partnership with our international charity, can bring in various opportunities which could benefit your business. We can develop networking and volunteering opportunities, which can help with staff motivation and retention, your business Corporate Social Responsibility programme and could further greater customer engagement with your brand.